Add file in system


The ajouterFichierDansSysteme service allows you to add an attachement to the user account and to get its technical identifier. The attachement must not exceed 10Mo. If the file exceeds this size, an 20003 error will be reported.


Production url
Qualification url


Header parameters

Technical account Varchar Required
Password Varchar Required
Certificate Varchar Required
Content-Type Varchar Required

Full description of API inpout and output parameters

Consult the API appendices API

"idUtilisateurCourant" : 517019, 
"pieceJointeFichier" : "Fichier encodé en base 64",
"pieceJointeNom" : "keerk2",
"pieceJointeTypeMime" : "application/pdf",
"pieceJointeExtension" : "pdf"
   "codeRetour": 0,
   "libelle": "CODE PAR DEFAUT",
   "pieceJointeId": 28205
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