This page describes the steps in creating a technical user and the ability to reset the password once the account is created.

The technical user is the user who allows external IS to connect to the CPP system in API mode.
This user account cannot be used to log in to the portal.

The technical user has the same rights as the primary manager of the structure, including the other structures of the primary manager.

Creating a technical account requires to logging as the “Primary Manager” of a structure. Therefore, the Manager activities tab is available.

Click on the Manager activities tab.

In the My structures block, click on the Edit icon.

The structure modification screen is displayed.

In the Structure connected users block, click on Create a technical user button.

The Technical user input screen shows the general information on the technical account.

Click on the Create technical user button.

The technical user is created. A summary is displayed: it presents information about the account and the structure.

N.B. : the password will never be redisplayed outside this screen.

It is possible to export this information in PDF format by clicking on the Export the connection information button.

A notification is also sent by email to the Primary Manager of the structure to confirm the creation of the technical account.

When clicking on the Back on the structure page button, the Structure connected users block is updated with the technical account information.

It is possible to reset the password of a technical account by clicking on the Reset password button (technical user).

A confirmation pop-up is displayed. Click on the Confirm button.

 The password of the technical user is reset and displayed when the summary is displayed.

The primary manager of the structure is also informed of this action by email.

N.B.: if the primary manager of the structure changes, the contact address of the technical user is updated with that of the new designated primary manager.

As well, when the primary manager modifies his contact address, the technical user's one is automatically changed.

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Last Update: March 5, 2020  

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