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Guide to an EDI connection project

This page is for suppliers wishing to connect via EDI ("Electronic Data Interchange") to the Chorus Pro solution. This involves making a technical connection (Internet connection) between your information system and the Chorus Pro solution in order to transmit your invoices according to a predefined format.

The three guides below explain how to implement your EDI connection.

EDI flows that you will exchange with Chorus Pro must follow a particular format in terms of its envelope and its content.

You will find in theEDI presentation mode  document as well as in The External Specifications, a detailed description of the formats on the exchange flows proposed by Chorus Pro.

Each flow of input identifies a specific format. Each flow is a combination of the flow type (Structured Flow: E1, Mixed Flow: E2) and accepted formats for the type of flow. The whole set is identified by a code (also called interface code).


You will find below the kinematics of the EDI exchanges following the submission of an invoice.


  1. You submit an invoice in the required format in accordance with the correct ID flow (also called interface).
  2. Then, you receive an integration feedback CSOOXXXXA
  3. During your connection, you can also receive the lifecycle flow. In this case, you will receive, in addition to the integration report, a FEN1200A or FEN1201A stream (FEN1201A is in CPP V1 format, FEN1200A is a specific CHORUS PRO format).

In the typical case of a connection project 7 phases have been identified.

  1. Ownership
  2. Choice of the connection method
  3. Implementation of project and planning
  4. Development
  5. Qualification
  6. Control of organizational pre-requirements
  7. Start-up and switch to production

The following diagram summarizes the 7 major steps.


This document will focus primarily on the development and qualification steps. The other steps are described in the document: Introduction to the choice of an access or connection mode.

The AIFE (French Agency for State Financial Information Technology) is your preferred contact for EDI connection projects.

At any time, if you are facing difficulties, yourself or your electronic invoicing provider, can contact the Chorus Pro support by creating a request via the "Issued requests" area.

If you encounter business difficulties during your EDI connection process, you can request free individualized support by filling in the form available here.

Last Update: May 29, 2019  

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