Recycle invoice


The recyclerFacture API can be used to change the routing data of an invoice to the status "A_Recycler".


Production url
Qualification url


Header parameters

Technical account Varchar Required
Password Varchar Required
Certificate Varchar Required
Content-Type Varchar Required

Full description of API inpout and output parameters

Consult the API appendices API


"identifiantFactureCPP" : 238,
"destinataire" :
   "codeDestinataire" : "22460001500511",
   "codeServiceExecutant" : "DSI"
"commentaire" : "Service modifié"
"codeRetour": 0,
"libelle": "CODE PAR DEFAUT",
"dateDepot": "2016-05-24 15:02",
"identifiantFactureCPP": 238,
"numeroFacture": "VABF-FV2-003",
"statutFacture": "DEPOSEE"
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