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The rechercherPieceJointeSurMonCompte API allows an user to look for a file associated with its user account.


Production url
Qualification url


Header parameters

Technical account Varchar Required
Password Varchar Required
Certificate Varchar Required
Content-Type Varchar Required

Full description of API inpout and output parameters

Consult the API appendices API


"pieceJointeTypeId" : 104,
"parametresRecherche": {
  "pageResultatDemandee": null,
  "nbResultatsParPage": 3,
  "triSens": "Descendant",
  "triColonne": "PieceJointeTypeCode"
 "codeRetour": 0,
 "libelle": "GCU_MSG_01_000",
 "listePiecesJointes": [ {
 "pieceJointeDesignation": "PJ_COMPTE",
 "pieceJointeExtension": "pdf",
 "pieceJointeId": 15580597,
 "pieceJointeObjetId": 15413944,
 "pieceJointeTypeCode": "DIVERS",
 "pieceJointeTypeLibelle": "Pièce jointe standard",
 "pieceJointeUtilisateurId": 336399867068
 "parametresRetour": {
 "nbResultatsParPage": 10,
 "pageCourante": 1,
 "pages": 1,
 "total": 1
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