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The consulterStructure method is used to view information about a structure to which the user is attached or a public structure.


Production url
Qualification url


Header parameters

Technical account Varchar Required
Password Varchar Required
Certificate Varchar Required
Content-Type Varchar Required

Full description of API inpout and output parameters

Consult the API appendices API

     "idStructureCPP": 501403,
       "codeLangue" : "FR"
   "codeRetour": 0,
   "libelle": "GCU_MSG_01_000",
   "adressePostaleDuSiege":    {
      "adresse": "1 rue Test",
      "codePostal": "75000",
      "complementAdresse1": "Batiment A",
      "complementAdresse2": "Etage 1",
      "fax": "234567890",
      "indicatifFax": "+33",
      "indicatifTelephone": "+33",
      "pays": "France",
      "telephone": "234567890",
      "ville": "Test"
   "informationGenerales":    {
      "emailStructure": "",
      "idStructureCPP": 501403,
      "identifiantStructure": "11300201100003",
      "libelleStructure": "DESTINATAIRE_EJ_OU_SERV_OBLIGATOIRE ",
      "raisonSocialeStructure": "DESTINATAIRE_EJ_OU_SERV_OBLIGATOIRE ",
      "structurePriveePublique": "PUBLIQUE",
      "typeIdentifiantStructure": "UE_HORS_FRANCE"
   "parametres":    {
      "codeServiceDoitEtreRenseigne": false,
      "connexionEDI": true,
      "gestionNumeroEJOuCodeService": true,
      "numeroEJDoitEtreRenseigne": false,
      "recevoirDonneesViaEDI": true,
      "statutMiseEnPaiementNestPasRemonte": false
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