Introduction aux Données Essentielles

The public procurement essential data constitute all of the data related to contracts and public concession contracts (example: contract holder, contract object, cost) that need to be published on buyer profiles (digital platforms used by public entities to drop their calls for tenders) for procedures launched starting from October 1st 2018 under April 14th 2017 decree relative to essential data in public procurements. For more information, you can go to the DAJ (Legal affairs directorate)'s Opening of essential data page.

The publication of public procurements essential data meets a need whose value is equal or superior to 25 000€ (excluding taxes) and of concession contracts become mandatory for all public entities for all procedures launched starting from October 1st 2018. It meets multiple purposes:

- Transparency;

- Good management of public money;

- Prevention and fight against corruption;

- The control over procurement policies and companies' economic development, which will be able to grab hold of those data either to better meet public procurers' needs, either to develop new services in order to perfect public procurement policies.

In the context of complete demataterialization of public procurement procedures and public procurement performance, the publication of essential data constitutes an essential vector of transparency and is in line with the open public data policy. (« Open Data »).

Each buyer profile freely manages the publication of the contract data it deals with according to the terms of its choice, provided it respects the formalism imposed by the rulings. The AIFE has developed a solution dedicated to the publication of essential data, which, among other things, enables:

  • To complement the "ESPD Service"by facilitating the production of the data that are to be published;
  • To externalize the storing of essential data in the "ESPD Service" base;
  • To facilitate the centralization of the data coming from distinct buyer profiles, via the transmission to data.gouv.fr, the public data gateway, made by the ESPD Service.

The DAJ and the AIFE's service offer is a solution that enables to meet the publication needss of all types of public entities.

Essential data constitute all of the data related to contracts and public concession contracts that need to be published on buyer profiles (digital platforms used by public entities for the dematerialization of public procurement procedures).

For each contract, essential data provide information on:

  • Contract/ concession contracts characteristics;
  • Public procurer/ licensor characteristics;
  • The cost and duration of the contract;
  • The concerned economic operators characteristics (example: the contract holding company);
  • The modifications made on the contract/ concession contract being executed.

The nature and number of mandatory data vary according to the nature of the contract. There are two specific cases:

  • Public procurements;
  • Concession contracts.

Those data must be made available on buyer profiles two months from the procurement contract's notification or the modification date notification at the latest, or, regarding concession contracts, from the contract's date of signature or the concession contract modification's date of signature.

Essential data must be maintained available on buyer profiles for a minimum of 5 years from the end of the procurement contract or the concession contract's execution. In the context of the July 27th 2018 decree modifying the decree relative to essential data, it is also provided that the publication of essential data on the buyer profile can be reduced to a year instead of five if those data are published on said public data gateway.

For more information, you can go to the DAJ (Legal affairs directorate)'s page.

In order to meet the October 1st 2018 requirement, the AIFE puts a free, open access essential data API at the buyer profile's disposal.

This API enables four operations:

  • Record Essential data;
  • Update Essential data;
  • RécupérerIDDE (Retrieve IDDE);
  • RécupérerDE (Retrieve Essential Data)

The operations below enable buyer profiles to record a procurement contract or a concession contract's data onto the "ESPD Service" database, to modify and to retrieve them. Those data are then automatically transmitted and published onto the data.gouv.fr government platform.

L’accès à ces opérations est ouvert à tous les profils d’acheteurs raccordés au « Service DUME ». Pour en savoir plus, reportez-vous à la documentation sur le Service DUME.Access to these operations is open to all buyer profiles connected to the "ESPD Service". To find out more, go to the ESPD Service documentation.

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Last Update: June 4, 2019  

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