Essential data and census data

Introduction to essential data and census data

The essential data of public order constitute all the data relating to the public contracts and concession contracts (ex: identity of market's holder, object of the market, amount) to be published on the profiles of buyers (digital platforms used by public entities to file their consultation) for proceedings launched as of 1 October 2018 under the decree of 14 April 2017, repealed and replaced by the decree of 22 March 2019 relating to essential data in the public order. For more information, you can refer to the "Opening essential data" page of the "Direction des Affaires Juridiques". 
The census data (ex : type of contract, SIREN, duration of the contract ...) are communicated to the "Observatoire Economique de la Commande Publique" (OECP) which gathers and analyzes the data on the economic and technical aspects of public procurement since 2007. The transmission of this data could be done for the buyers, via "REAP" wich is an application, or by automatic transmission through Chorus for the central and deconcentrated services of the State. Today, there is a new way to transmit its census data in a dematerialized way by using the Essential Data API, common to both types of data, set up by the AIFE. This solution is intended especially for National Public Establishments in that they do not have access to the Chorus Pro portal, but also to all buyers in general.
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