The development cycle of Chorus Pro is an ongoing process over the year. Two decision-making bodies (IPM) are taking place each year to determine what development will be implemented in future deliveries.



To express a need for development on Chorus Pro, the requester must send an enhancement request by mail to a member of a working group.


The different requests for change are prioritised during workshops and in accordance with the real users’ needs and the ability of the AIFE to implement them.

  • As a first step, working groups (GT) which bring together each user representative according to their profiles, carry out a first priorisation of requested developments. The developments chosen are those that have been prioritised for all groups.
  • Secondly, the Chorus Pro Mutualised Steering Body (Chorus Pro IPM), which bring together representatives from all user profiles, determines which of the requests that have been selected by the working groups will be implemented.

The AIFE teams analyse the requests that are sent to them. Following this analysis, some evolutions too complex or whose requirements needs to be specified or shared, are proposed in the form of studies. Studies and requests for developments are then proposed for priorisation by the different working groups.

  • Studies and developments are classified separately.
  • Each of the five working groups prioritises developments and studies.
  • A general ranking of developments and studies is defined.
  • The 10 first developments and the 4 first studies are the subject of a detailed analysis which is transmitted to the members of the IPM for final validation of the work to be carried out.


Members of the working groups gather and reformulate the development requests which are transmitted to them. They enter these requests in the dedicated form in the Chorus Pro Community.

The requests sent by the GT (working group) members are analysed by AIFE experts, reformulated and proposed to the pre-priorisation of GT members via a dedicated form.

Priorities are validated in session during workshops bringing together each working group.



  • End of October 2018 : deadline for sending development requests to the working groups for IPM cycle III
  • 13 mars 2019 : Chorus Pro IPM N° 3
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