The AIFE sets up an Intermediation Platform for Services for the Transformation of the State. This mutualizes the API (Application Programming Interface) services of the State and the public sphere.

PISTE replaces the current API platform of Chorus Pro.

This new platform offers new functionalities such as:

  • Improvement of API exposure functionalities
  • Replacement of the authentication mode via certificate by Oauth 2.0
  • API version management
  • Maintenance of the service during maintenance or deployments
  • Provision of a catalog and API documentation
  • Provision of developer accounts to test the APIs
Note before using PISTE

The PISTE user guide is published on PISTE. It will allow you to take note of the procedure to follow to create a PISTE account and declare your "application" (i.e. your entity) in PISTE.

Direct link: https://developer.aife.economie.gouv.fr/help-center/documentation

You can then discover more information on the Chorus Pro APIs in OAuth2 mode, in the technical documentation (Swagger) of PISTE: click here

Finally, for a detailed presentation of making Chorus Pro calls in Oauth mode, refer to the "Help for API developers in Oauth2 mode" section of the Chorus Pro Community.

• Entities already connected in “certificate authentication” mode before mid-January 2020 can continue as before to invoke the Chorus Pro APIs or the DUME Service as described on the Chorus Pro Community, by calling the URLs indicated at this same section. In addition, these same entities still have the option of renewing their certificate on the Chorus Pro portal, if it expires.


• All entities connecting to Chorus Pro from January 2020 or volunteers to switch to a PISTE connection can call the Chorus Pro APIs in Oauth2 mode with prior registration on the PISTE platform. Please note: the call URLs to be used are then specific (described in the Developer Help in OAuth2 Mode). This mode, that is to say the use of the Oauth2 protocol, and therefore registration on the PISTE platform are compulsory for new public or private entities which were not already connected to Chorus Pro in certificate mode before mid -January 2020.

When creating your PISTE account, the tool asks you to choose an "organization". It is a concept specific to PISTE which determines the perimeter of API to which your profile can access. It is therefore essential to choose the organization that meets your needs.

3.1. I only want to connect to Chorus Pro

To access the APIs of Chorus Pro, choose the "Universal" organization.

3.2. I only want to connect to the DUME Service

As a reminder, a buyer profile is a site on which public entities publish their public contracts and on which economic operators (companies) can apply.

If you are an editor of such a tool and you want to connect your buyer profile to the DUME Service, you will have to use PISTE to connect.

When creating your PISTE account, the tool will ask you to choose an "organization". To access the Chorus Pro APIs, choose the organization dedicated to the "DUME Service".

Please note, this choice will only give you access to the DUME Service APIs. If you also want to access the Chorus Pro electronic billing APIs, see the next paragraph.

3.3. I want to connect to both Chorus Pro and the DUME Service

Please note, if, as a buyer profile editor, you want to BOTH connect to Chorus Pro AND the DUME Service, you will have to choose the organization dedicated to "DUME Service" when registering on PISTE .

Indeed, the APIs of the DUME Service are not accessible in the "Universal" organization while those of Chorus Pro are usable in the "DUME" organization.

The Chorus Pro APIs are available on PISTE and on the Chorus Pro Qualification portal.


You can also find help for API developers in OAuth2 mode here

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Last Update: March 6, 2020  

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