Click on one of the choices from the below list :

What I need to do

The first step is to choose my access mode between :

• Portal mode

• EDI mode

• Service mode (API). My software vendor may also have proposed a turkey feature to access Chorus Pro (publisher solution).

The tools at my disposal

Cas n°1 : My software is already connected to Chorus Pro

I choose my method of connecting to Chorus Pro :



Cas n°2 : My systems are not yet connected to Chorus Pro

  • I contact my software vendor to find out if my connection is in progress.



I request a connection

I need to refer to Creating an EDI connection form, EDI connection protocol and Certificates. In API, I should refer to Creating an API connection form, API connection protocol.

A certificate is needed; it can be re-used once my connection is effective.

In any case, I will be able to use Chorus Pro in Portal mode until my connection is operational. View all Chorus Pro user guides.

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Last Update: October 8, 2018  

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