The following document presents :

  • Requirements about the filing, receipt, electronic invoices transmission to public entities and the provision of information about the invoice's life cycle ;
  • All the exchange modalities concerning flows and formats as well as the operating constraints and the support modalities of the various actors concerned ;
  • The list of web services (API) and their use modalities.


The table below describes the documents composing the external specifications, it's possible to consult or to download each document individually by clicking on its title.

Chorus Pro functional descriptionThe main document of the external specifications presents how the invoicing solution Chorus Pro works. This document is composed of a functional description of Chorus Pro and a more technical description of the EDI and API modes.
EDI appendixThe EDI appendix describes how to use the EDI connection mode.
API appendixThe API appendix describes how to use the API connection mode (Application Programming Interface). This document presents the possible sequences using the various API of Chorus Pro as well as the input and output tables of each service.
Invoicing processes appendix
(French version only)
The invoicing processes appendix describes the different invoicing frameworks supported by the Chorus Pro solution. For instance, some following processes are : co-contracting, subcontracting, works contracts, etc.
Memorandum on justice costs appendix
(French version only)
The memorandum on justice costs appendix presents the different references which have to be used in order to fill justice costs, it also describes the possible combinations between values of each fields.
Error message appendix
(French version only)
The error message appendix presents the code and the label of each error message and the associated management rule(s). The goal of this appendix is to help you create an automatic correcting process for flows in error.
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Last Update: April 8, 2020  

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